Ross Clinics

Bringing back the family physician model to all socio-economic levels in India
Ross Clinics aims to revive the age-old tradition of the family doctor, who has a long-lasting relationship with the entire family based on trust and personalized care. Patients receive quality care based on the latest research guidelines, including advice on dietary and lifestyle changes. By making quality care accessible at affordable prices, the long-term health care costs to the family are significantly reduced. Meanwhile, focusing on all income levels allows for cross subsidization. Ross Clinics is a chain of four flagship and six satellite clinics that provide personalised, high quality, affordable health care.
The clinics charge on a sliding scale and offer yearly health plans to ensure that care is affordable. Each clinic has a physician and a dentist, supported by a clinic manager who takes care of the day-to-day operations of the clinic, leaving the doctors free to focus on the well-being of the patients. The clinics provide health services for a wide range of needs including vaccinations, minor procedures, diagnostic testing, and access to high-quality low-cost drugs. Operating a chain with shared staff allows for more efficient use of resources, creates economies of scale and allows for cross-subsidization between clinics.
Location: India
Sector: Health
Adopter profile: Doctors and entrepreneurs with some appetite for risk and a willingness to work together.
Annual turnover (USD)
Profit margin

How it works

The business model

Ross Clinics is a chain of four flagship and six satellite clinics that provide personalised, high quality, affordable health care. The clinics charge on a sliding scale and offer yearly health plans to ensure that care is affordable.

Key Partners, Activities and Resources

Ross Clinics is a chain of clinics that seeks to form long-term relationships between families and their doctors. Doctors provide consultation services for daily healthcare needs, along with preventative therapy.

Customer Relationships, Channels and Segments

The clinics offer services to people of all income levels. 20% of the patients are lower-income, 70% are middle income and 10% are high-income. Community is very important and most of the business comes from walk-ins. Strong customer relations between the doctor and patient are key.

Cost structure

The cost structure has several tiers. Lower-income patients pay approxmately 2 USD per visit, middle income patients pay 4 USD, and higher income patients pay 20 USD. This fee includes 7 days of follow-up care. Clinics tend to break even once they receive 15-20 patients daily.

Additional revenue streams

Ross Clinics also offers yearly subscription plans, which entitle the family to free consultations and discounts on other services. A yearly subscription costs about 30 USD for a family of four. The doctors and staff frequently do home visits. The clinics also provide health services to corporates.

Customer base

In 2014, Ross Clinics received over 12,000 visits among the four major clinics. The majority of the visits are walk-ins, so the customer base is very close in proximity to the clinic. 500 people are currently registered to the annual subscription plan.

Other features

Services include dentistry, vaccinations, minor procedures, diagnostic testing, and they have specialists on call. Patients also access to high-quality low-cost drugs.


Affordable healthcare for middle and low income populations

Ross is providing affordable care to low income groups. 15-20% of walk-ins are low-income patients and 90% of their patients are either lower or middle income.


Improvements in overall health

Access to quality healthcare means avoiding catastrophic health expenses and lost income. Ongoing quality primary care leads to a reduced need for secondary and tertiary care.


Better doctor-patient relationships

Families receive comprehensive and continuous care from someone they trust. Doctors build long-term relationships with their patients, helping them feel more comfortable to seek consultation for day-to-day health concerns.

Recreate this model in Latin America

Growth opportunity

Ross Clinics is interested in extending their model to Latin America. They are open to sharing their learnings with doctors and entrepreneurs, and accelerate the setup and growth of same and similar models in Latin America. Replication partners would send doctors and entrepreneurs to Ross Clinics to observe and experience the Indian model, under the close mentorship of the Founder. They would study the processes, structures, technology, innovations and strategic planning for all aspects of the organisation - Hiring, Training, Finances, Marketing and Promotion, Clinical Quality, Supply Chain and Customer Engagement. Replication partners will develop a model for Latin America in close consultation with Ross Clinics, and set up 4-5 clinics in their chosen location. The initial capital required to set up a full clinic is estimated to be 25,000 - 40,000 USD, with an additional budget of 15,000 USD to compensate for first year operations. Ross Clinics will continue to work closely with the replication partners, providing continued mentorship and strategic guidance, and sharing innovations and best practices.

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What we are looking for in potential partners

The clinic should be within easy reach of a population of 10,000 people. Ideally the clinic would be located in a market area. With a minimum of 15 to 20 walk-in patients per day, the clinic can be profitable.
The doctor is very important. He or she must have excellent communication skills, be commited to developing long-term relationships with their patients and their families, and personalize their care based on the specific needs of the patient they are dealing with.
Entrepreneurs must be interested in the health sector and value having a community-based, inclusive model. Cooperatives or health insurance companies could also be potential partners.

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